Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little Sprucing Up

This past week consisted of dusting, scrubbing, re-arranging, new accessories, carpets and upholstery know, the heavy duty Spring clean thing that I put off until now! It seemed kind of overwhelming at the beginning, but we got on a roll and now everything looks great. It does give you a feeling of satisfaction when it is all said and done. It's been over a month since I have had anything on top of our dining room table besides a red tablecloth. So it was fun to put together this summer centerpiece.
My little yellow birdie "tweets" and move's her head whenever someone walks by! And I don't ever have to clean her cage!!
Last night Frank and I took our grandkids to In and Out Burger for dinner and then to Tumbleweed Park. It's a big play park for kids that is filled with tons of different play equipment. They had a ball and we stayed for an hour or more. Our weather has been so perfect. It will be hard to take the triple digits that are just around the corner.
When we took the kids back to my daughter's house, little Sofia was waiting for us. She was all smiles when she saw us.

I never tire of feeling her baby soft skin. I think her tiny feet are darling and Jami keeps her little toes painted pink! Too cute.
I am now gearing up for my annual Ta-Ta weekend. For the past 7 years eleven of us girls who went to school together from 1st thru 12th grade gather in Palm Springs for 4 days of laughter and play. One of the Ta-Ta's hosts it at her incredibly beautiful home in the Quarry at LaQuinta. We bring our sleeping bags and have an outdoor slumber party on her lawn next to her negative edge pool. She spoils us with Dom Perignon, incredible fresh floral displays on our dinner table, a pool boy who serves us in the pool, massages, facials, chef, maid, gift bags, etc. We live like the rich and famous and LOVE IT!!! This year we will be at her home from Tuesday through Sunday of next week. I can hardly wait. I promise to post pictures when I return. Meanwhile, not sure if I will be posting between now and then.
It will be time to get back to work in my studio when I return. I've enjoyed the break for the past couple months but I need to get a couple orders filled and start building my inventory.
Enjoy your weekend. XOXO Nancy

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