Thursday, June 4, 2009


Dogs are my favorite animal.
Well, actually, I love almost all animals. But my VERY favorite are dogs. I love the ones with short, soft, silky fur....big sad eyes with long eyelashes........short tails........and lovable personalities. Like cocker spaniels.
Lately I have been into painting dogs. Since I have owned two blonde cocker spaniels I decided to try painting one. This picture is a pretty close resemblance to my sweet "departed" Muffin. Some day I will own another dog. This week my friend Rosie and I joined a local gym and started exercising. We are taking an ABS & BUNS class 3 mornings a week and Zumba one night a week. And then I spent an hour with a personal trainer on Wed. after class. I AM SORE!!!!!! REALLY SORE!!! And I have to work out tomorrow morning. Yikes! Man, that trainer really kicked my butt. I kept reminding him that I was old....but it didn't phase him. No more trainer for me.
Last night I finally finished all 19 canvas that I was working on and 12 more headbands. Jami took them out to the boutiques today. I have a couple special orders to do and then hope to have a break.
We played in the pool today while Bre went for a massage and Frank played golf. Tomorrow Bre and I will take the three grandkids to the Arizona Science Center for the day.
Now it's time to get two little boys to bed. I think I may be close behind them tonight. I'm still trying to get use to having to get up at 5:30 am again for exercise.
Good night. XOXO Nancy

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Wow girl you are packing lost in!! And time for exercise too!!! Ouch !! But good for you!! Hugs Julie