Sunday, May 31, 2009


This day proved to be more productive then I had planned. I was able to get several canvas 1/2 way done. Actually, it is the most time consuming part and it feels so good to have it out of the way. I did two loads of laundry, changed the sheets on the beds, vacuumed the house, ran some errands, and played with our grandsons.
Now that I have showered, put on my PJ's, and nibbling on my Nutri-System dessert, I realize that I am tired.
We have two EverReady bunnies living at our house. Their names are Coleman and Caden and who knew the energy these two have. And boy can they eat!!! All the time. It really is amazing to watch. But keeping up with them is another story. This is why we have children when we are young!
Here's a sample of what has been going on around here lately.

Early evening golf has become a ritual. Papa takes the boys to our golf course and they play a couple holes each evening before bedtime. We all pile into the golf cart and off we go.
The boys LOVE to golf.
Caden made the mistake of wearing his new flip-flops to the course and realized that he wasn't having much success with them on, so off they came and he played in his bare feet. He would hit the ball and then take off running, his club dragging beside him, to reach his ball and hit again.
Coleman used Papa's driver since we only have one child-size driver.
Here's Bre giving Coleman some golf tips!
Cole actually hits the ball pretty well. I'm sure he could out drive me. Papa is working on some putting ettiquitte here.

When Caden gets excited he clenches his fists, mouth comes open and he lets out a holler. Did I tell you that he gets excited A LOT!

Our bare foot golfer~
We also go to the movies.....which includes lots of popcorn. If you haven't seen the new Disney movie, "UP" you really really should go see it. We all enjoyed it.

Then there's the swimming lessons. Wow, if I would have had beautiful facilities like this to take lessons at I would have learned to swim a lot younger!

Caden is practicing his kicking.....

No, the instructor is not torturing him! This is his excited look. He's actually having fun.

Coleman is progressing so quickly. I think he wanted to keep up with his cousin Hanna. She is like a fish in the water.
In just two weeks Coleman is swimming the length of the pool. We are so proud of him.
Then there is the best part of the day.....POPSICLES!!!!!
OK, now I am yawning! But with a smile on my face. We just love these two little guys to pieces. Each day brings a new adventure, funny things they say and do, hugs and kisses and a few time-outs. How fortunate we are to get to have them for a month...and their mommy too!
Time for me to get to bed. Rosie and I are starting to exercise at Mountside Fitness tomorrow morning at 5:40am. I already know I am going to be sore!! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and are ready for a new week.
XOXO Nancy

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Deb said...

What great fun. Where would be without these joys. Continue with fun and keep us updated.