Friday, May 15, 2009


We are down to 23 hours and counting until our daughter and two grandsons arrive. I think I might be a bit of a procrastinator cause I ended up with way too many things to take care of today before their arrival. I even had to cut out a trip to my favorite glass store for a big sale they were having in order to try to get everything done. I just have to clean out the toy box and the outside water toy box and then I think we are really ready!
Any how, my favorite decor store (and the same place that sells my canvas art and headbands), Designer Blvd. in Gilbert, was having a 40% off your entire purchase today. So in the middle of my trillion chores, I stopped to run over to check it out. I came home with a car full of wonderful purchases for my house and picked up some Christmas and birthday presents too! Their sale goes through tomorrow. So if you live in the area I would suggest that you RUN, not walk, to their store first thing tomorrow as they have the absolute most wonderul home decor and accessories.
The big surprise came when they told me that they had already sold ALL my canvas art pieces except one and four of the ten headbands. Wonderful, but there goes my inventory!! So guess I will be working while the kids are here after all.
The top black and white canvas is a brand new one that I created. I just love it. Well, why wouldn't I since my whole house is decorated in black and white. But I took it along with the ones below and my stash of new headbands for Designer Blvd. to pick from. They were so busy that I just left them and will catch up with them next week.

I am going to be doing Special Orders for personal photo canvas'. So took this one of Sofia for a sample.
Then I rushed home and started working on four more. CRAZY!!

So I got a wild hair and decided to do something with the bare wall above our TV. I had a large old fashion key up there for the past few years and it just wasn't doing it for me. After I took the black shelves down from my studio I got this idea.....
Designer Blvd. carries some really cool black and white items so I knew I could find just the right things for the shelf.......and I did! What do you think?
I still need to get a picture in the frame. The one in there is facing the wrong way or I could probably just leave it in there and say it was a long lost relative! There are endless decorating possibilities with this shelf....especially at Christmas time.
I've been looking for a little bench for our guest bedroom and after walking around their store for a 1/2 hour I discovered this one under a table. I think I may paint it white and make a cute cushion for the top.
Okay, I think I already told you that I worked for 2 1/2 days on my studio (and my daughter, Jami helped me one of those days). I even decided to take down my two nice black shelves and put up 18 feet of white ugly shelving. But I NEED the storage space. Here are the before and after pics.
BEFORE... two days into the cleaning and reorganizing!

Add ImageAFTER..........

SIGH!!!!!!! DONE!! Boy does it feel good to have a neat, organized studio again. Gee, I wonder how long it will take me to mess it up again!
Tomorrow is our granddaughter, Hanna's big dance recital. She has the cutest little glittery outfit to wear. We will all attend that and then head to the airport to pick up the gang. I'm sure we will have to stop at In-And-Out Burger for dinner. Since they don't have those in WA. it's a favorite for them when they come down. Afterward we will head for a dip in our pool. Sounds like a wonderful day to me.
If I'm not too tired I will be up very early to hit Domestic Bliss Bohemian Soiree at 7 AM tomorrow in Mesa. So many talented artists will be there I really would love to meet them and see their work in person.
So that's all I have the energy for tonight. My tank is near empty and I still need to take care of a couple more things. As I sign off for tonight, I'm feeling a thrill of excitement run through my tired body in anticipation of seeing my daughter and grandsons tomorrow. I just love my family. They are what makes me who I am today. Sending prayers of safety to Kyle in Iraq.
Have a great evening everyone! XOXO Nancy

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Your studio is AWESOME! Someday I hope to have the time to spruce up my spare room to look like that! (And have the time to actually DO some crafting...)

Hope you're having a wonderful time having your family (minus Kyle) all together!