Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pretty Petals

My kitchen counter looks like a flower garden! That's what happens when I run out of room in my studio and have to find another surface to create on. My headband supply had diminished to almost "nil" so I figured I better get on the stick and build up my reserve. Tomorrow I will attach the 100's of teeny little crystals to all the petals. Boy, will it feel good to get all done.
Meanwhile, my poor studio looks like a tornado hit it. I just seem to make the biggest messes when I am in the middle of projects. Seriously, I wish I could afford to hire an organizer who would come in every evening and clean up the studio, putting all my supplies neatly away. My daughter and grandsons arrive in 10 days for a month and I promised myself I will be all done with my special orders and even be a little ahead.
I delivered a couple more canvas to Designer Blvd. this morning and below are two other large canvas that I am starting to create for their store.

Tonight I drug this old tired body up to Frank's Balance and Flexibility exercise class. I found out I am fairly flexible but I am sure I am going to be sore tomorrow. My favorite part was when we got to lay down on our mats! I HATE exercising!!!! Always have and probably always will. The problem is that I know I need it and I am doing something good for my body. But what I would give for a magic pill that took care of it!
So with that said, I think I will go have some desert! That would be a NutriSystem desert! Ha!
Good night all, have a great Thursday. XOXO


Joanne Kennedy said...

Those flowers are so pretty sitting there all together. Maybe you should leave them there. :-)

Exercise!! YIKES! I have to go calm myself down now. Just thinking about exercise makes me get nervous. LOL

You are going to have one fun month! Can't wait to read all about it.


Chari said...

Hi Nancy...

Just read the sweet note that you left on my Mother's Day happy that you came by and thank you so much for the sweet comments!!!

Girl, you have been busy!!! I was just looking down through some of your blog've got alot going on, my friend! Hehe! I bet all of those little flower headbands are going to be just darling! Oooh...and I love, love, love your canvas art!!! It's gorgeous, my friend! What a creative and talented gal you are!!! I wish you luck at getting your projects finished so that you can enjoy your family's visit!

Sending my best wishes for a Happy Mother's Day!!!