Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday was a big day for all of us. Our oldest granddaughter, Hanna, graduated from Bethany Christian Preschool. Watching her walk down the aisle to the stage the memories of the past 4 1/2 years came flooding back. I distinctly remember the evening she was born. She was a tiny little perfectly shaped. A miracle. Over the next couple years she grew into a gregarious, smiling, chatty sweet little girl. A real girly-girl. Loves glitz, nail polish, high heels. A quick learner, except when her strong will thinks differently. Now she is marching onto kindergarten. Confident, smart, excited to learn more.

Having her cousins Coleman and Caden here to help her celebrate only made her day that much more special.

So we celebrate another milestone with a grandchild. So many memories made and so many more to be made.
Love abounds in our house right now as we all gather here. Our four little blessings fill our lives with so much joy. They are a built in comedy show, drama and sometimes a thriller. How lucky we are to be such a large part of their lives. We just hope our old bodies hold up to their continued pleas for play. We know our hearts always will.
XOXO, Nancy

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