Thursday, May 28, 2009


There's just nothing like a good burger from In-and-Out Burger. Tonight we just had to have one. So after swimming in the pool we jumped out, showered and headed for one. Mmmmm, it really hit the spot!
Man, having the kids here is killing my so called "diet". I haven't exercised in a week and I am eating all the yummy fattening foods. Why is all the good stuff so full of calories? Good thing my next Nutri-System meals arrive tomorrow!

See, I told you....we are eating all the yummy stuff! And these kids can eat!!! All the time!!
Sofia just watches them in awe.

I continue to experiment with the Yupo paper and watercolor at Art Group. This week I tried painting some poppies and another dog. I find myself really looking forward to Tuesday mornings and 4 hours of painting with the great people who make up our Trilogy Art Group. The numbers have dwindled recently due to several members leaving for the summer. But the diehards are hanging in there and together we are creating with paint and through conversation growing our friendships. I just love it.

I did manage to sit down for a couple hours last night to work on some canvas art. But it's been hard to squeeze it in amongst all the family activities. The boys have started their morning swim lessons (doing great) and the afternoons are filled with more water fun. But today Bre and I had made a play date just for us. So Papa took the two boys to swim lessons and we took off to explore. We ended up in the Phoenix vintage district first. We prowled through several wonderful shops, bought some jewelry and yearned over tons of great finds. But our wallets were on the light side so we headed back towards downtown Mesa and had lunch and went through some of my favorite shops. Bre found a darling black dress and jacket and I ordered two new pendant lights for my kitchen. Our day was fruitful.
Another day almost over...time is flying by. We are treasuring this time with Bre and the boys and trying to soak up as much of them as we can before they leave.
Tonight in the car Coleman was asking me if I remembered several different things we have done with them over the past few years. It was so neat to know that HE remembers them. Even though we are continuing to do and go new places with them they still want to repeat all the things from past visits that they remember.
That really warms my heart.
The memories we are making are sticking with them!
So now it's time to rustle them out of our bed (blankies too), turn of Toy Story and get them to sleep........for tomorrow we will be making more memories.......
XOXO Nancy

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