Saturday, May 2, 2009


This morning Jami and I headed to Cornerstone Christian to set-up our table for the Women's Spring Tea. Our table turned out really nice and we even won "most elegant table" award. All the table were beautiful and it was fun to see how different all 25 tables were decorated. One lady's table had china that was over 80 years old! We were entertained by "Crimson Bridge" who is a female duet with absolutely beautiful voices and incredible life stories. It was a really great way to spend our morning.
Here's a few more pic's from our day:
Jami is helping me get everything set on the table. We got half way through our set-up when I realized I had forgotten two of the clear plates at my house and Jami had forgotten the canvas art which I donated for a door prize at her house! So we called Frank and asked a big favor of him to drive everything over to the church......he wasn't real happy about having to drive all the way in to church, but being the kind man he is, he did it anyway. Thankgoodness!!
This is our pretty lavender bird with her glitter highlights that was perched on the very top of our May pole centerpiece.
Some more tables...............

A grand time was had by all and I am now home with my feet up and relaxing with my husband. Since Frank injured his back he has been laying around the house for the past couple days. I like it cause he keeps me company.
Oh, and my BIG NEWS is that Designer Blvd (a lovely home decor store on our corner) just bought a ton of my canvas art and headbands and placed and order for more! All because my daughter, Jami, who could sell ice to Eskimos, was having a tizzy over the idea that I was making all this stuff and not going out and selling it. So she took it over to them and the owner loved it and wanted it all!!! I am very excited about it and sure hope it sells well for her.
SOOOOoooooo, with that said I am signing off for the night and going to see if my hubby wants to go out for dinner (since I have nothing prepared). Have a good Sunday! Adios~XOXO

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