Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Do

A a new hairdo can sure make you feel like a new woman. Especially if you have very fine, thin, straight hair like mine. Today I took the hour long drive up north to the Glendale area to have my hair cut by Michelle Rene. I have been watching her transform women through their hair for over two years on Channel 15's Sonoran Living. She is amazing. It was one of those spur of the moment choices. A very costly haircut, but my daughter insisted I needed to pay the price to get the results. I figured I would have at least a 2 month wait to get in for an appointment, but when I called yesterday they had a cancellation for today so I got in. I am not photogenic, but I wanted you to see what she did for me.
So here is the before..............
And the after........

This is still a work in progress since she needs my hair to grow about another 1/2 inch in a few places to get the finished look. So I will return on June 19th for color and cut. But I do like the new look. Now I just hope I can make it look like this tomorrow! But the really neat surprise is that my daughter Bre secretly paid for my haircut!! Boy, I must have really needed a change!
The rest of the day Jami, Bre, Sofia and I went shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square.
Here is Sofia sitting in our booth at Nordstrom Cafe. She is in early training for "shopping".

A fun day was had by all. We finished this evening watching the final of American Idol. Were you as surprised as we were by the winner? Fun to see all the big names perform. So now it's off to bed. XOXO Nancy

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh Nancy !!! It is wonderful .. very sassy and cute. I get mine cut today. I am always hoping around from salon to salon and then when I go back and forth from AZ to NM that is a different story .Oh and then the budget ... your cut was well worth the bucks!!! julie