Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sofia stopped over to our house yesterday and was so excited to see all the new headbands that I had made and she insisted on trying a couple on. She really liked this great big pink one. She thinks she looks quit Springy in it. Mommy and I thought she had the cutest little baby face with it on.
But then she came across this new one with the feathers and she just had to have it. Sofia said that she loves the bling on the flower petals and the way the feather floats up and down when she moves her head. Now she needs to go shopping for just the right outfit to match it!

She is hoping I won't sell all of them since there are several more that she needs. But she has to ask mommy first!

Today I decorated the edges of these flowers that Hanna and I will use to decorate her straw hat that her pre-school teacher gave each of the girls in her class. They are to decorate their hats which they will wear at their pre-school graduation ceremony next week.

I have spent the whole week working in my studio filling orders. It is a total disaster in there as you can see by these pictures.

I only have a few more days to work in there and then I HAVE to get it cleaned up and organized as it will be transformed into our grandson's bedroom on Saturday for a month's visit. I think I am going to have to be a magician in order to find places for all of the new stuff I have acquired.

This morning our WA son-in-law, Kyle, flew to Germany for two months for a mission for the Air Force. He will be flying in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Please pray for his safety. We are thrilled that Bre and the boys will get to spend a month of his abscence with us.

I want to wish all of the wonderful MOMS out there a very special Mother's Day. I hope all of you get to be surrounded by the ones you love. I will be going to church with my family, then out to breakfast and then all of us will be in the pool for the rest of the afternoon. I plan on relaxing and letting my husband and son-in-law take care of BBQ'ing dinner. So no blogging tomorrow!

I think these next pictures are a perfect tribute to motherhood. Just goes to show that it doesn't matter what species you are.....A Mom Is A Mom No Matter What!

God's blessings to all of you Mom's and your families. Rest, Relax and Refresh!
XOXO Nancy


Diane said...

Nancy the headbands are darling, I love how your little sweet grand baby looked wearing them. She is a cutie pie. I love the photos of momma duck and babies what a darling scene. Good luck on your Studio clean-up I sure know how that goes. It happens here every time a grand baby comes over! Those little ones are very curious. Happy Mothers Day.
Hugs, Diane

Beth Quinn said...

hi nancy !! just love all the pretty headbands , too bad i have boys -LOL! are you doing the domestic bliss show? so happy to hear your busy too! that is exciting !! you will have to fill me in !!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Love it Love it love it!!!! I just did a trip to ribbons and lace. Love on those hairpieces too I want to make some things for my hair too Grown up style... Hope to see you at bliss. I see Beth has been by. Did you know she is my" little" sweet cousin!!! love that talented Girl!!