Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My Mother's Day had a special twist to it this year. Our little granddaughter, Sofia, was dedicated to the Lord at church on Sunday. So both girls got all dressed up in their fancy dresses for this special occasion. Sofia even sported one of my new headbands. Hanna was so excited to "get dedicated" (even though she was dedicated as an infant) and get to stand up on stage. Her good friend, Moira, and her family were up there too. They have a sweet new adopted infant daughter, Mada, who was also being dedicated.
Both girls did great and Sofia stayed happy and no "spit-up" on her dress!
Hanna even got to speak into the microphone....big day!
Since Sofia's dress was as big as her she got to get changed into something more comfortable when we all went out for breakfast. As you can see she was happy about that!
So my Mother's Day was wonderful (with the exception of missing my daughter, Bre and her family in WA). It was great to relax and enjoy being with the family.
Yesterday and today I worked in my studio finishing up some canvas art pieces and starting the re-organization and cleaning. I ended up taking down my pretty 2 black shelves cause I had so much stuff packed onto them that they were coming away from the wall. So I had to patch and paint before I could even put the new ones up. I hated to put up the plain old white ones, but they allow me the most room for storage. Thank goodness Jami is coming over in the morning to help me finish up. I have been in there for hours and you sure wouldn't know it if you saw it.
Today is my son-in-law, Kyle's birthday! Unfortunately he is flying in and out of Germany right now so we can't talk to him. So had to leave my birthday message on Facebook in hopes that he will get it soon. We love and miss him. Pray for his safety.
Now I am pooped and need to head to the shower and then off to bed. Tomorrow I hope to have this house put back together and clean for our company....cause I want to go enjoy the Bohemian Soiree that Domestic Bliss is putting on this weekend in downtown Mesa. There will be tons of incredible artists there selling their creations. Such Fun!!! Nighty-Night! XOXO Nancy

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