Monday, June 15, 2009

Shedding A Tear

We said good bye to our daughter, Bre and grandson, Cade this afternoon as they flew back to Washington. It was hard to see them go. Made both Bre and I teary as she and Caden walked through security to their gate. After a month we had all gotten into a comfortable routine. The house is sure going to feel empty and quiet. Luckily, we get to enjoy Coleman for another week before he heads home.

Now to our house.
I am starting to replace some items in the house that I felt needed updating after 5 years. So here is the first replacement.....pendant lights.
I've always wanted a chandelier but I don't have a good place for one. So after looking for almost a year, I came across these modern chandelier pendants. The shade is actually made up of hundreds of thin black threads. Not trusting Frank or my electrical knowledge, we hired a friend to come in and hang them for us. I just love them!
The picture isn't real good as they are black with clear crystals.

On Friday we all attended the grandkids Vacation Bible School carnival. The weather was perfect and The Groves put on an incredible carnival for all the children and their families to enjoy. Our kids had a blast.

All the Bible School kids put on a performance for their families before the carnival.
So tonight I am sitting with my feet up, drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade and reminiscing about the past month. I am tired, but it's a good tired. We have Cole spending the night tonight and he will transfer to his Auntie Jami's house tomorrow for the rest of the week. Frank and I will roll up our sleeves and get the house cleaned tomorrow and then the carpet and upholstery cleaners come on Wed. We should be back on track by Thursday.
Hope you all have a wonderful week. XOXO Nancy

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Deb said...

Good byes are always the hardest. But what a wonderful month of memories. I felt apart of the whole visit.