Monday, March 16, 2009


While out shopping with my daughter in Sumner, WA last Saturday (in the rain), we happened upon a small flower bed and lo-and-behold......daffodils were blossoming!!! This, after two days of snow!!! They brought smiles to our faces and I just had to snap a picture to prove that Spring is trying to sprout up there in the north.

The next morning this is what kind of weather we left Seattle in. They even had to de-ice our plane! SCARY!!!!
We said our good-byes to our gandsons......
and our daughter and son-in-law.

Bre took me to a sweet little town, Sumner, and we went through several darling shops. They were all decorated for spring and I couldn't resist taking some pictures to drool over. Oh, if only money wasn't an object............what fun I could have had!

Today's Country Store is my favorite shop in Sumner. She is full of antiques, vintage items and lots of new glittered goodies.

I wanted to share with you the purchases I made with my birthday gift certificate at the scrapbook store in WA. I had a blast filling my shopping basket. As you can see below, I got tons of great stuff. This should keep me busy for a while.

So after a good night's sleep back in our own bed, we rose this morning to warm sunny skies, chirping birds and a stack of mail! I quickly settled into my studio and starting digging through all my new treasures. Decided to start with some Easter canvas art and got 3 painted and ready to embellish. By then it was time to meet my dear friend, Rosie, for lunch at Paradise Bakery. So I gulped down (rather, gagged down) my little container of "Slim Shot" and hit the road. I am trying to cut back on the calories and get rid of some of these rolls that have been keeping me company all winter. There is nothing like meeting up with a sweet friend over yogurt and granola. I could eat dirt and still have a wonderful time if I were with Rosie. She just makes me laugh and feel good all the time. Everyone should have a "Rosie" in their life. I never made it back to the studio today but will head back in the morning. Frank and I couldn't resist a long walk in the beautiful weather this evening. So as I close out this post, with my husband playing his guitar in the back room, I wish you all a happy week and don't forget the green tomorrow.


Bre said...

We should of touched the flowers..who knows they could of been fake! lol Miss you already and Im praying we get to move down there soon!!! As Im writing this Cade is giving me one of his BIG kisses on my cheek!!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Well it sure was fun seeing you during your visit. Thanks for the coffee date and the beautiful canvas looks adorable in Avery's room! I was just texting Bre yesterday and telling her that the second I'm done nursing Jackson I'm taking you up on your offer to come down to AZ and lay in that hot hot sun!