Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Does Time Have Wings?

Woweee, these past 5 days have flown time has wings! I didn't mean to take so long to make another blog entry. We've entertained two sets of company (on different days), decorated my daughter's house for Easter, done several stints of babysitting my granddaughters, finished making some jewelry, played in the pool in the 90 degree weather and yada, yada, yada!!!! OK, does that sound like enough excuses for neglecting my blog? But it is all true. REALLY!! And here's some pictures to prove it:
I was working on several different small projects here. But most importantly, I was able to almost finish some more soldered jewelry. I just need to add some hanging "bling" to a few more pieces.
These are two bunnies that just needed some glitter to be ready for Easter.
This is a sampling of some of the decorating that I did at my daughter's house this week.

Today we took footprints of Sofia for the shadow box that Jami put together for her nursery.
I don't think I ever posted a picture of the headband hangers that I made for Sofia's room, so here they are:

And now I saved the BEST FOR LAST! Isn't Sofia growing so fast. She is starting to smile quit often and gets her arms and legs waving around as she coos. So dang cute!!

Here favorite spot..............Snuggled up against mommy in her sling.
Tonight we had a delicious dinner of pizza and Caprese salad at Grimaldi's in San Tan Village. My mom treated the family. Then Frank took us to Paradise Bakery to get cookies. Hanna loved that.
I signed us up for Netflix and received our first two movies today. I think this is going to be a fun way to stay on top of all the movies we have missed. Now we just need to find the time to watch them. Thank goodness we can keep them as long as we want without any penalty. We might have gotten signed up just in time since we read today that Blockbuster is going to declare bankruptcy.
Looks like Frank is going to be teaching a Men's Yoga/Strength and Flexibility class here at Trilogy. If there is enough interest he hopes to add a couples class.
Only two more days until we fly to WA to see our grandsons. We are so excited. At some point we need to get our act together and start packing!! But not tonight, it's time for bed......

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