Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixed Bag

These past two days have really been a 'mixed bag". I've jumped around from creating jewelry to decorating for Easter, to babysitting my granddaughters, to pampering myself. But what I was really wishing for was to go lay out by the pool in the hot sun. Just ran out of time for that!
I had a special request for a soldered necklace so I have been digging through my supplies looking for just the right items to create it.
It's fun to dig into all these goodies. It really stirs up the creative juices. I'm trying not to get too carried away with starting too many necklaces since I will be leaving shortly for a weeks vacation to see our grandsons.
After realizing that it is the end of February and time to take down all the Valentine decorations I started putting out Easter. Here are a few pics of some of what I have gotten done so far.

After all this I decided it was time to pamper myself. So I headed off for a much needed pedicure and then a haircut. I just love getting a pedicure. I finally found a place that really does get rid of all the calluses and gives an awesome and long massage on the legs and feet. I was trying to read my book for March's book club meeting but I found myself dozing in the pedicure chair as I was so incredibly relaxed. I was so bummed when she told me I was done and needed to go sit with my toes under the dryer........get out of that comfy massage chair and WALK!!! Was she kidding???

My feet were not ashamed to show off in sandals last night at the dinner party we were invited to. Good thing since it would have been too warm for closed toe shoes.
This morning I was hit with the disappointing news that the Curves where Rosie and I go to exercise is closing their doors due to the poor economy. DANG! Now what. I will need to have a pow-wow with Rosie to figure out where we will go now.
The good news is that Frank won our Men's Golf Club Championship this week!! Very exciting!

Tonight we have our oldest granddaughter, Hanna, spending the night. We are giving her parents a little break and hopefully a chance to sleep in tomorrow.
Hope you all have a nice weekend as we say good bye to February and hello March!

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Bre said...

Kyle wants to know if those are dad's feet? Is that what happens when you retire?