Monday, February 2, 2009

Creating in Purple

We woke up to another sunny, warm day in Arizona. Man, I love this weather! After finishing up my ironing, a little dusty, changing the sheets on our bed and kissing my hubby good-bye (on his way to golf) I settled into my studio for the rest of the day. Luckily I have a small TV in my studio so I don't have to miss my morning routine of watching the Today Show, then Sonoran Living, the View and Martha. Martha actually had a cute swarvoski crystal heart tutorial this morning. I think I might try it out. I had to do some house cleaning in my studio before I could even get started. My assorted piles around the room were getting in the way so I finally got that all picked up and put away. Only to pull out a bunch of other stuff that I needed to put together these 5 wooden plaques I was making for Sofia. Jami needed something to hold all the headbands I made her. This was a good day for me to stay home and work since I am still battling the crummy stomach.
I started with 5 unfinished wood plaques, painted them, added some glitter to the upper edges, some assorted ribbon on the sides, an oval piece of scrapbook paper on the top and finished them off with a glitter edged flower and leaves. I ran to Home Depot and after scouring the cabinet pulls and all the other possibilities for some type of a hanger, I came upon these white hooks outside in the garden department. I think they will do the job just fine.

I finished these up in time to get outside and enjoy some sunshine before getting dinner ready. Tomorrow morning is my Art Group here at Trilogy and I am trying to decide what to take up there to work on. Since I haven't purchased any watercolors or paintbrushes yet, I might just take my soldering. I did manage to get my Valentine decorations up at the house today. Will get some pictures posted soon.

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