Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glue, Glitter, Brushes and Camera

Frank and I really need to get our "karma's" in line with each other.......when I have to get up at 5:30 am to exercise, he can sleep in. When I finally have a day to sleep in, he has a golf game at the crack of dawn!! Ugh! Guess you figured out that this was suppose to be my day for some extra sleep....NOT!! So why not get out the glue and glitter and make the best of it. I decided that I wasn't that fond of the original butterfly paper clay wings that I had originally put on my angel music box, so I took them off and put on the feathers. But first I covered the top and sides of the box with glitter. What do you think? Better, or not?

Then it was off to paint at Art Group. I was such a dork though, I got up there and all set up to begin to paint when I realized I had left my paints at home......so a quick trip back to the house to grab my watercolors. I had already sketched out this picture. This would be my first attempt at painting a whole picture without the help of a teacher. This is how it looked when I left the group at noon today.

And here it is after I finished it up this afternoon.

Tonight we had Jami and her family and my mom over for dinner on the patio. Again we had awesome weather. Arizona has such incredible sunsets. The sky turns these vivid shades of yellow and orange with the dark outline of the mountains against the skyline. Then when the sun goes down out pops these bright stars in a crystal clear dark blue sky. So beautiful. That's when I light all my outside candles around the patio, our solar pool balls light up in a continuous color changing show and out little twinkle lights surrounding the roof of our patio come on. This might be my favorite time of the day, warm and peaceful. Well, that is, IF our little granddaughter isn't talking 90 miles an hour as she was tonight! Oh, heck, we wouldn't have it any other way! Except to have our 2 grandsons joining in. LOL!!!
I snapped this pic of Sofia this evening while she was enjoying the warm, outside air. Such a serious look!
Now I must get some paperwork done. Then it's off to bed.......bye!

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Beth Quinn said...

hi nancy !! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog !!! looks like you took my cousins class, the angel is awesome , love the feathers !!
love your painting too !!
have a great week!