Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Wonderful Day!

We woke up to a beautiful, sunny day this morning. I quickly got dressed, made my daily Mocha and headed over to Jami's house. She is suffering the after baby exhaustion so I went over to help her with her laundry and a few other odd jobs that needed to be taken care of. But first things first!! Hold my darling new granddaughter...who happened to be wide awake. OK, she has got to be THE cutest little doll ever. She loves to hold her mouth up by yours and have you kiss her around her tiny, soft lips. Then she lays her head down on your shoulder for a moment, then picks it back up, mouth wide open and waits for the next round of kisses. What a way to melt my heart!
After helping Jami for a couple hours it was time to head to my Book Club for lunch and discussion.

Judy (on the right) was this month's hostess. She served us a scrumptious chicken and rice salad with these yummy crackers. For dessert she had made little individual cheesecakes with cherry topping and brownies along with this lip-smacking sparkling Zinfindel wine. Sue (on the left) is a dear friend and one of the "bookies".

Judy (on left) and Rosie (on right) look terribly serious after finishing off two bottles of wine. What's with that?? Actually, I caught them off guard with this picture and they were in the middle of filling in their calenders for the next monthly meeting for the club. You can see the 80 degree sun shining in.

This month we had a special guest. She's Rosie's neighbor from Philadelphia who flew in for a week's visit with Rosie and her family. Her name is Jenny and she is 94 yrs. young! She is darling and full of life. I want to grow-up to be just like her!

Yesterday was Art Group. Since I haven't purchased any watercolor supplies I decided to take my soldering to work on. This is a picture of our group leader, Erica. She is a very talented artist and an incredibly nice person. Did I also mention funny?

I wanted to get a few pics of some of the rest of the talent in this group. Aren't they amazing.

This is my friend, Terry, who got me started in this whole painting thing. I love her work. Maybe because she likes to paint animals and you know me and animals!!

I just love her painting of this little dog.
So it's been a full two days of activity and fun. Late this afternoon Frank and I took a long walk around the community (or compound as all us Trilogy residents call it) in the warm sunshine. Frank ran to the grocery store and brought me back a dozen long stemmed soft yellow roses. Holy Cow!! What a great surprise! They are so pretty. For dinner he threw some chicken and salmon on the BBQ and we ate out on the patio by candlelight. It was just a perfect ending to a Wonderful Day!

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