Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Lessons

So, I was all ready to go to our neighborhood Super Bowl party, eat junk and root for our Cardinals, when I woke up this morning with a very sour stomach. Since it didn't calm down by 3pm today I ended up laying on our couch and watching the game by myself. I sent Frank and my Caesar salad off to the party alone. He was sweet enough to come back before half-time to check on me and try to coax me over for dinner, but I decided to pass and stay close to home. So I fried up a couple eggs with toast and stayed in the nest. I really thought the Cardinals were going to win such luck. So sad.


Oh, how I love to learn new creative things. I got to go to another one of Joey Otlo's wonderful digital scrapbooking classes at Scrapbook, Etc. in Mesa last night. She is such a talented teacher as well as a really great person. We spent 4 hours learning all kinds of new effects we can get with our Photo Shop Element programs. By the way, Joey is the one in the middle!

We have a huge work area all to ourselves. And of course Joey always provides tons of chocolate to keep our energy level operating at its peek!

Here is one of the new techniques I learned. I actually extracted our Little Tinkerbell out of another picture and placed her in this new page. So cool!! The only bummer is that I have to wait until the end of March to take Joey's next class as she will not be teaching until then.

Yesterday before class Frank and I joined our friends the Brasch's to go see the movie, "Gran Torino." We really enjoyed it. I would recommend it.....does have rough language, but very authentic to the plot. Afterward we enjoyed an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I got home about 9:45pm to find our little granddaughter, Hanna sound asleep in our guest room. She came to spend the night. So after church this morning we dropped her off at home and got to run in and see Sofia. AND she was even wide awake!
Her little Valentine outfit has a big red heart on the rear-end that says "Be Mine"..... so cute!
She is growing so fast. We are getting more and more smiles everyday from her.

When we asked Hanna what she would like for breakfast this morning she quickly ordered up, pancakes with syrup, sausage and scrambled eggs. She definitely has her appetite back.

Tomorrow is a free day for me. I don't have any clubs to attend, no classes and no little people to babysit. My biggest decision will be to figure out what I want to work on in my studio. Yippee!
Or maybe I better think about getting my Valentine decorations up around my house.
Today marks 40 years since Frank and I had our first date! Wow, that's a long time. Thank goodness we are still best friends and he is the love of my life.

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