Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleep Little Baby...but please wake up alittle!

Boy, have I forgotten how much newborns sleep! Sofia just loves to sleep the whole time she is at our house. Two days in a row now I have babysat from 10:15 am until 1pm and this little nugget never wakes up!! She is 2 weeks old tomorrow already. I want to stop time so I can savor this sweet infant stage. I'm trying to embed in my memory her little noises, her sweet smell and the feel of her satiny soft skin.

Oh, a quick opening of her eyes....just long enough to snap a picture, then back to snooze land she goes.

Jami and Hanna came back to pick up Sofia and Jami put her in her sling. It is one of Sofia's favorite places to be. All cozy just like a little pea in a pod!

Hanna is feeling great now and has regained most of her strength. This morning she had her music lesson and then out to lunch with mommy. She just loves her little sister and has now become mommy's wonderful helper.
Tomorrow I am going to go up to the clubhouse and check out the Art Club. I have a friend who is painting and has joined the club and invited me up. She wants me to bring my canvas art up and join in. I have put a call into a lady who teaches watercolor classes and hope to take a few classes from her to see if I have any painting talent. I know, I know, ANOTHER activity to add to my already crammed life.....hey, no one can say I don't stay busy. I just love exploring new creative avenues. It all seems interesting to me and for the first time in my life I have all these opportunities available nearby. I just can't seem to take enough classes. Too bad I didn't feel this way when I was in college!!!


Bre said...

I think she is sleeping so much because when she is awake she see's her auntie is not around and it makes her sad!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, How did we get so lucky to get such cute grandkids!! Isn't life fun! Remember when it was us! lol! You were my mentor back then. thinking of you. Ludy

windlewood said...

Thanks for dropping in my blog, Nancy! What a pleasure to find your posting about this wee little one! Adorable!! My baby is 13...but she IS still my baby. I married a baby and you can tell he IS still the baby..haha!
Have a great day!

domestic bliss said...

She is so beautiful Nancy! What amazing loot you have created for these lucky little gals too!
Wait until you see all of the new goodies we have coming for your creations-