Sunday, January 18, 2009


OK, let's be honest, isn't she the cutest little thing!!! Yesterday we took Sofia out in the 75 degree sunshine for lunch and a quick trip to Gymboree to pick up a few more outfits for "up to 7 lbs." Here she is sporting one of my new bow designs with a white feather. She continues to be a great baby. She likes to sleep during the day and be wide awake in the middle of night which is not going over well with her parents!! But she told me yesterday that she just loves being snuggled up in our arms all day and it just makes her want to sleep, sleep, sleep.

On Friday Auntie Bre and I took her to her first Dr.'s appointment. Sofia was so excited that she slept through the whole exam. But we had such fun getting her dressed in her pink and brown with matching Gigi bow with tulle and crystal accents. She was quit the fashion statement.

After stripping her down to be weighed (she only had lost a few ounces) we realized that we didn't have a blanket in the diaper bag to wrap her up in while she waited for the Dr. to arrive. But Auntie Bre came to the rescue and wrapped her up in her Juicy Couture velour jacket. As you can see, Sofia felt right at home in it and snored away the rest of the appointment.
Sofia's sister, Hanna, continues to struggle with the influenza. She is a very sick little girl and doesn't seem to be getting better. We are asking everyone to please stop and take a quick minute to pray for her quick recovery. We are very concerned about her.
Auntie Bre flies home to cold WA this morning and we are all very sad to see her leave. Jami has really loved having her here and is going to miss her help in getting up 5 times a night to nurse Hanna. So Gigi and Papa will now take over that mission.
Gotta run as we our on our way to Jami's. Will keep you all posted as time permits.

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Anonymous said...

You're right, she is beautiful. She doesn't look like new born! I can hardly wait to get my hands on our newest grandson (born this morning)!!! I am Tiffany's mother-in-law. Poor Hanna to be so sick with her new baby sister here. I will have her and your whole family in my prayers. Kathie