Monday, January 19, 2009


Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who stopped and said a prayer for our little Hanna. She finally turned the corner today and it looks like she is on the mend. Here is a picture of her this evening. She actually played with some toys today. We are all so relieved to see her smile and eat a few bites. Now it is just a matter of building up her stamina so she can return to school and her other activities.

Sofia continues to thrive. She is staying awake a little longer during the day now, although you can't tell it by this picture! The hat I made her is still a teensy big for her, but sooo cute. We couldn't resist putting it on her.

Where is that ball of fur going with that baby???????????????
Okay, this headband is too funny. Good thing we have such a willing model.

Here's Sofia's and her Auntie Bre. Sofia told me today that she really, really misses her Auntie.
I brought all the girls back to my house today to hang out. It was 78 degrees outside and just beautiful. Frank BBQ hamburgers for all of us tonight. It's like an early summer here.
I actually had very good intentions of working in my studio this afternoon and did start on a new Valentine canvas art, but didn't get very far. It's too distracting to have my new little granddaughter in the house just waiting for me to pick her up and love on her. So looks like I will put my artwork on hold until tomorrow. I also want to get my Valentine decorations up around my house. Sometime I have so many ideas and projects rolling around in my head that it seems overwhelming to even get started on anything.
I am excited though, because I was in my favorite decor store by my house a couple days ago and after showing one of the owners a picture of Sofia with one of my crocheted hats on, she wants me to bring them in to possibly sell in her store. Might have to show her my canvas art also. I'm off to read some other blogs now. Have a great evening.....

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