Monday, January 12, 2009


Took my daughter, Jami, to the OB Dr. this morning and she is scheduled to be induced on Wednesday at noon!!! FINALLY!! Unless of course she goes into labor prior to that. I know she was really hoping for tomorrow, but now we have a whole day to get ready...groceries to buy, meals to make, laundry to get caught up and an extra day for Hanna to get over her cold. We are now totally excited for Sofia's arrival. Just wish our younger daughter, Bre, could be here for the big event. She is busy chasing two little boys around in the pouring WA rain. Speaking of grandsons....over Christmas while the family was here Coleman crawled into bed with Frank and I one morning. He was lying next to Frank and looking at all the moles on his body. After a moment he looked up at his Papa and said, "Hey Papa, you sure have a lot of nipples on your tummy". LOL! Don't kids say the funniest things.
This afternoon I painted a few canvas in my studio and then realized that I don't have all the supplies I need to finish them. I want to do some Valentine ones. So tomorrow I will need to run out and see what I can find. I am crocheting more baby hats though. So the whole day is not lost.
Keep peeking back to my log for news of our new arrival!

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

I'll be thinking of you all as you make your last-minute preparations for the new arrival! Can't wait for pictures!! (Give Jami a hug from us!