Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay, so the pregnant lady isn't exactly happy about still carry this baby in her tummy and not in her arms! This was taken yesterday morning after breakfast out with the family at Cheesecake Factory. As you can tell by Jami's forced smile, she is not happy. Thankgoodness she had a Dr.'s appointment this morning....but unfortunately the Dr. was out delivering a baby!! But Jami, not to be put off to wait for another appointment, insisted on seeing someone....ANYONE! So the nurse practitioner gave her the once over and told her that she is ready to deliver any moment. So back through the same procedure as last Monday (exit the membranes) and the waiting continues....with the addition of hard cramps. So maybe tonight Miss Sofia will make her appearance. Not sure how many more days Jami's sweet husband can hang in there! Phew! He deserves a medal!!
Meanwhile, back here at the nest I was busy working on some new canvas art creations. Since I don't have any completed yet I don't have any pictures. Will try to take care of that tomorrow.
My day was MADE when I heard back from so many people that they are actually reading my blog and even enjoying it!! That did my heart will continue to blog away. I hope that you readers get a chance to check out some of the other creative blog sites that I have listed on the right. But be careful, it becomes addictive very fast! Thanks to those who let me know they are following my blog. I really appreciate hearing from you.
Had a little overcast sky this morning with some cold wind, but not to worry, it warmed up this afternoon and we had sunshine the rest of the day...not coat needed!!
Now I must close so I can read my new magazines I got in the mail today. I also picked up some new yarn to crochet another baby hat with. Have a great evening~


Bre said...

The cheesecake factory..nice. wish we lived there!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Jami looks more enthused than Frank in that picture! He's not pregnant, is he? Just kidding! Keep us posted on your grandbaby!