Sunday, January 4, 2009


....when it rains in Arizona. Honestly, it was so weird to wake up to a thick foggy sky and drizzling rain. Seems to put me in a mood. A "what should I do" kind of mood. Like, should I keep doing this blogging thing? Seems like only a couple people read it. Should I keep taking creative classes? Seems like I just make things and never get around to trying to sell them. And on and on it goes. I think it might be a bit of the laziness that creeps in with the cold and rain. Makes you want to curl up under a blanket with a cup a hot chocolate (with whip cream on top) and just watch old movies. Instead, we rented some movies, put on our cozy warm-ups and ate popcorn and peanut M & M's!
But I must admit, I do wonder if anyone other then my family members ever peek into my blog world.....and if they do, why don't they ever leave me a comment. Come to think of it, I may be guilty of that with other bloggers. I spend hours reading other artists blogs and rarely take the time to leave a comment. I think that may be one of my New Year's resolutions. Let the other bloggers know that I do read their blogs and I do love to see all their pictures and their wonderful creations. Hopefully that will rub off and others will leave comments for me. Meanwhile, I still am undecided about posting my creations on for sale. I would like to create my custom art canvas's like the ones below for people. I think they are very unique. We'll see where it all leads.


Bre said...

Hmmm Kyle and I are sitting here trying to figure out if we should feel sorry for you..ummm NO, its snowing here and freezing for the
4th week in a row. Sooo a little rain in Arizona is nothing to cry over. Buck up and work on creating stuff for our house for once!

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Nancy!! I have been reading and enjoying blog, but couldnt post anything till now!! If your bored you can create something for me!! lol! Can't wait for the babies to come. Oh and it is snowing and raining and cold, do i have to go on!! Hope all is well and i miss you!! Ludy

Bridgett said...

Hi Nancy,

I love your blog and read it all the time!! I also love your pictures and get tons of decorating advice from them!

Miss you!