Saturday, January 3, 2009


Have all of you settled into the new year? Are you ready for what 2009 may bring you? I always look forward to each new year. I know that so many happy times will be coming, a few stressful times and usually a couple sad times. But all these help us to grow in character and have a greater appreciation for those we love and the things we have. I'm always amazed as I look back on the year before and how God's hand moved in our midst. His timing is always perfect. His blessings are always so generous.
Today I created with the color PURPLE. Jami's nursery was still in need of a lamp on the dresser so I purchased this one at Target. It had a plain lavender shade which I embellished with dark purple velvet ribbon and jeweled fringe.

It still looked like it needed something more so I started fiddling around this wired ribbon.....

...and wa-la, ribbon roses! The roses tie in with the other roses that I used in embellishing the nursery valance and dresser baskets. I also added three jeweled drops in the center of each of the flowers. You have to look close to see them. (still working on my photography skills)

I stopped into one of my favorite paper stores, Scrapbooks, Etc., in Mesa. They are jam packed with tons of scrapbooking and altered art supplies. It's hard to walk out with just a few things. But I did manage to pick up these items for future use on my art canvas creations.

Well, we still don't have a new grandbaby yet. Lots of contractions, but no action!! We continue to lay out our clothes each night just in case we get called to race to the hospital.
I just glanced up at the clock and "oh my goodness" it's past my bedtime! It's off to church and then out to breakfast in the morning. This breakfast out with the family has become a regular Sunday occasion. Not good for the diet! (what diet?) Any-who, hope to dive into these new purchases tomorrow and start on some canvas art. Nighty-nite!

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