Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I have so many things to share with you after being AWOL from my blog for so many days.
It's probably best to start from last weeks activities and work forward, especially since that's the way I happened to post all my pictures!
I finished the last of my 3 painting classes and here is the final product of my first watercolor attempt. I learned several clever techniques and some I was able to reproduce and then there were some that, well, I didn't quit get! Most importantly I loved the classes and truly enjoy painting.

The last half-hour of class I tried some free hand painting. I had printed a bird picture and decided to see if I could paint the birds head on my own without tracing it first. This is how it turned out.....I accidentally touched my brush to the paper right under the birds chin, so don't mind that.
On Saturday we were blessed with the arrival of our long-time, dear friends, Judy and Bruce Biddle from our hometown in WA. They have been our close friends for over 30 years. They lived just down the street from us and we raised our kids together. Frank and Bruce taught together for over 20 years. We have been trying to entice them down here ever since we moved in and they finally made it. AND they even dressed to match my color scheme in the house!!

While enjoying Margarita's out on the clubhouse patio, we were visited by a curious Road Runner. He jumped up on the fireplace right next to where we were sitting to check things out.

Earlier last week our Art Group participated in the Trilogy Farmer's Market. Here we are setting up.
This was my table. Next time I hope to have some watercolor pictures to show.
We have also been enjoying the company of my niece, Jenny and her husband, Tom and son, Zachary. They flew down from WA for a week's visit with my mom.
Zach really liked our little Sofia. He wanted to hold her the whole time. Hopefully he keeps that same attitude when his new brother arrives in early June!
Since I never wished everyone a proper Happy Valentine's Day, I wanted to do it now.
Hope all of you had a special day.
I think that takes care of all the catching-up. We waved good-bye to the Biddle's this morning as they head home. I plan on heading up to do some painting tomorrow afternoon with the Art Group and on Thursday will be taking two different classes with my niece, Jenny. So stay tuned for those pictures. For now, adios amigos!

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