Monday, February 23, 2009

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Our granddaughter, Sofia, turned a month old last weekend and a sweet friend of Jami's gave her a photo shoot as a shower gift. Christine Lowell of did an awesome job. It's going to be hard to pick just a couple out of so many good shots. We think Hanna looks so pretty in these pictures with her sister. How lucky are we to have such darling grandchildren! You can take a peek below.

Yesterday was our 9-hole couples golf game. It was the first time I have had a golf club in my hands in 12 years! An hour before our tee time we headed out to the driving range and putting green to see what I could remember. I was a nervous wreck. Even though the weather was perfect and it meant getting ride around a beautiful golf course with my hubby for two hours, all I could think about was what excuse could I come up with to get out of doing this. I finally started to calm down when I found out that we were paired with our good friends the Smiths. Sue has golfed about as much as me so the pressure was off..........a little, anyway! Needless to say, we didn't embarrass ourselves too much and managed to have a very nice time. AND we got to eat dinner out too. So we are thinking that this is going to be a nice way to spend our Sunday afternoons.
Frank and I hosted 8 friends for a chicken enchilada dinner on our patio this evening. We drank Frank's delicious, fresh strawberry margaritas and ended the evening playing Scattagories. Our weather continues to be so nice and the 80's.
I'm off to Art Group to work on my watercolor painting in the morning. Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and a good Monday. Time for me to hit the hay!


Judy Biddle said...

Oh my goodness Nancy...What lovely opportunities you have to express your creative side...and you do it so very well. I absolutely loved the photo shoot. Sofie has a sweet "tush" and Hanna is a DOLL! Such a loving sis. The shots of mommy Jami are so dear. Do tell Jami how much I loved seeing her and her darling girls (Oh...and Mike, too)when we visited briefly.

Anonymous said...

Nancy the photo shoot of your grandaughters are amazing! Good luck in choosing one, so many good ones. Sophia and Jackson could make a pretty cute couple!:) Keep up the blog it is fun to read! Miss you, Ludy