Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another class and another creation!!

Ribbons, flowers, glitter, eggs, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, butterflies, leaves, berries, tulle.....and the list goes one of all the wonderful items used to create this wonderful Easter egg cart! Of all the great classes of I have taken this past year and a half, I am pretty sure this may be the best one yet. Not only was I able to use tons of my favorite crafting supplies, but the end product is just so fun and pretty.....every time I look at it I just feel happy! Before I give you all the information on the how I came across this class, please take a look at some of the other views of my Easter cart.

Check out the cute little wheels which consist of a painted pink round chipboard piece, a sewn and gathered piece of pink crepe paper and a sewn and gather piece of ribbon with a jewel tipped straight pin on the end.
In the classroom.....

OK, last Wednesday we had two close friends from our old home town on Oak Harbor, WA visiting us for the week. Vicki, who was my boss and past business partner, avid craft partner, and overall dear friend, went with me to check out the Melrose district of downtown Phoenix. I had not been there and while reading other artist blogs I discovered that this is their favorite area to find treasures. Knowing that Vicki would love checking it out as much as I would, we headed out Wed. morning for a day of discovery and shopping. Our first stop was RUST AND ROSES, a great store full of vintage outdoor furniture and tons of great vintage items inside. We both made a purchase there. The next stop was this wonderful store, MELROSE VINTAGE. Oh My Goodness.....both of us just went nuts!! Not only do they have great vintage furniture and accessories a darling decorated store and a HUGE back section that is a scrapbookers shopping paradise, but owners, Wendy and her mom, Diane are the sweetest girls. Diana is incredibly talented in the paper arts and by a "flook" I was able to get the last spot in this Easter cart class for last night!! Poor Vicki, she and her husband, John, had to fly home Saturday morning and she was not able to attend with me. We were so sad about that. I promised her that I will set up another time when she can visit and attend one of Diane's classes with me.
Meanwhile, here we are creating at last night's class:

Here is Wendy, putting the glue and glitter on her egg.
Diana was so organized. Each of us was given a bag with all the goodies for creating our cart.
Me and Diana showing off our egg carts. Check out part of the scrapbooking section behind us. Diana has it decorated so cute. I can hardly wait for her next class.......even if it takes me an hour to drive there from home!!!
Here we are bidding good bye to Vicki and John as they get ready to fly back to Washington state. They flew back to snow!!!!

The latest from a babysitting session with our little granddaughter. I do believe she gets prettier each day........ok, so I am bias!

It was a really great week with company here. I will miss Vicky as she is my "soul sister" when it comes to crafting and creating. This next week will bring a big change for me. I decided to sign up for nutri-systems and will begin my new diet sometime this coming week. It has just come down to having to bite the bullet and go for it. I have terrible discipline when it comes to dieting, so I am hoping that having to eat pre=prepared meals will help. last hurrah as we head out to dinner at a friends house tonight!!

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