Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the challenge begins!

On Monday afternoon my huge box of Nutri System food arrived....31 days worth! The first challenge I had was where to put all of it.
They package it by color for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Yesterday's breakfast. Not bad, huh? Actually, it is a ton of food.
So I made it through my first day and was full all day long. So far I like everything I have eaten. Now the big test will be how long it takes me to loose some weight.
My sister's youngest daughter, Stacy, is here this week. She is staying with my mom. Yesterday we laid out by our pool and took in some sun.
This morning Frank and I were treated to a phone call from our grandsons. They had to tell us about going to see a movie in 3-D and all about the camp Cole is attending this week during spring break. Love those calls from the boys.
Today it's off for a haircut for me. Then I really need to get some work done in my studio. Hope everyone has a great day. Later.............

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Judy Biddle said...

Nancy....I am impressed! (as always)...What you have done (or are doing) is hooked your blog buddies into watching you lose weight...and made a commitment to do this thing. I am not so sure you need to lose weight...I am watching and wish you good luck...I want to lose some weight tooooo. Gonna look into your program...Go Girl!