Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's that time again.....egg coloring. This has become an annual event for my granddaughter and I. Since she was coming over after her school Easter party today, I spent part of my morning getting everything set up and ready to go. Gosh, now a days you even get plastic cups to use when coloring!!! Such a deal.
The new thing (or at least for me) according the the PAAS box, is if you add 3 Tablespoons of vinegar instead of just one, you will get darker, brighter colors. So I say, go for the gusto and bring on the color!!!
As you can see some things you never tire of......Jami couldn't stand it and just had to jump in a color some too! Hanna was so disappointed when the last egg was colored. She would have colored 3 dozen eggs if I had them there. (Memo to self, boil lots more eggs next year)

The other day when I was at Blissful Living Studio to take a class I did a little shopping. I just could not resist bringing home these darling little birdies. Of course, anything with bling I am a sucker for! These two little peeps will eventually end up in one of my projects.
This a what I will be sewing into an A-Line skirt with the help of Minnie at Blissful Living. I will be taking a class from her. I can hardly wait. Isn't this fun material. It was hard to make up my mind since their selection is outstanding. But hey, I can always sew more up.
I got to babysit little Sofia again today while Jami attended Hanna's school party. She slept most of the time but when she was awake she kept me entertained with all her coo's and smiles. Frank and I get her again tomorrow for a few hours while Jami and Hanna go to Disney On Ice.
So all is good at the Hunter house. I made it through my first Zumba class without having a heart attack! Both Rosie and I thought we were on the verge of one about half way through class. My face was beet red when I got home and stayed that way for a good 45 minutes!!! I'm telling you that class kicked my butt!!! But we are gluttens for punishment and will head back again for class next Tuesday.
Time to wind down for the the way, it's about 80 degrees out right now....and put in my Netflix, "The Changeling" for our evening entertainment. Love to all!

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