Sunday, April 26, 2009

CREEPED OUT!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so today Frank and I were driving home from church and turned the corner onto Recker and right there laying in the street (on the road right beside our development) was a big, long, FAT, SNAKE....EEEEEEEK! We weren't sure if it was a rattlesnake or a bullsnake, but it didn't matter as I was completely CREEPED OUT!! I absolutely HATE snakes. Even writing about them makes the hair on my arms stick straight up. Frank suggested we turn around and go back to see what kind of snake it was. Is he crazy??? What was he thinking. NO WAY! I can only hope that a coyote or a big dog finds him and drags him off out of sight since I drive that street atleast twice or more a day.
Meanwhile, I got to go to my first fused glass class today. Other then the place being completely crammed with everything imaginable for ceramics and glass (and totally unorganized) we had a great time and I was able to make two dishes. They still need to be fired so I won't get them until the end of the week. I can see myself wanting to do a lot of more this. Yikes, another craft to add to my already overloaded cache of hobbies. The bummer part is that I took my camera and then forgot to take pictures. Next time.
Frank and I enjoyed a BBQ chicken dinner on the patio tonight. The weather was perfect. We are excited to leave with three other couples on Tuesday for 3 days in Prescott and Jerome and taking the Verde Canyon Railroad trip.
Time to watch my Sunday night shows. Hope your weekend was wonderful.


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Yuck! Snakes are disgusting. My thing is road gives me the heeby jeebies and on my way to work there is a stretch of road with a bunch of dead opossums (sp?). Totally gross. I hope the snake is gone today too!


Deb said...

I hate snakes too. Hope he doesn't visit again. The class sounds wonderful, can't wait to see the piece. Thanks for the birthday wish.