Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Arms

Sorry, no pictures to post tonight. I spent the whole day and evening with my daughter, Jami and granddaughter, Sofia. We ran to Mesa to pick up the girls matching Easter dresses (so cute) then pick up latte cups and lids for me, to a big sale at Designer Blvd.'s outlet store, shopped at Home Goods, went to Chandler Mall to look for an Easter dress for Jami (no luck) and then home to play with Hanna and eat dinner with Jami's family, Frank, Mom and my niece, Stacy. Whew!! The best part was getting to carry Sofia in my arms all day. I really treasure these early days of her life. They grow so fast and before we know it she will be crawling, walking and then running.
Frank taught his first Flexibility, Strength and Balance class for men tonight here at Trilogy. He has enough men signed up to run another class on Mondays. All went well.
The diet is going fine. Still liking the Nutri System food. I would even like it better if I knew I would end up looking like Valerie Bertanelli!!! Which reminds me, I have to get up at 5:30am for exercise so guess I better get to bed.
Good night all~

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Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Nancy, Too bad I didn't know you months ago cause we could have met up when I went to Phoenix! Good luck with the Nutri System. I don't believe we have that in Canada. I am doing Herbal Magic. Thanks for popping by :)

Sandy xox