Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

I'm sewing again!! Ya-hooo!! It's been forever since I have used my sewing machine and made a piece of clothing. When I saw that Blissful Living Studio had added Minnie's A-line skirt class to their calendar I was so excited. Figured here was a good opportunity for me to get back into the swing of things. Besides, I'll find any excuse to take a class at's one of my most favorite places to create. So last night about 8 girls were in attendance for Minnie's class. She showed us how easy it was to make our own pattern for this cute little A-line skirt. The only hard part for me was having to measure my wait and hip size...UGH!!! My skirt looked like it was huge when I cute it out, sadly, it fit.'s a picture of darling, smiley Minnie giving us some instruction. She is as sweet as she is talented.
I decided to adorn the bottom of mine with ruffled tulle. I think I got a little carried away since Minnie gave me three strips to put on and I ended up needing 6 strips to finish. It's a little foofee on the bottom, but I figure that will help to draw your eye downward away from my large bunners.
And here it is finished!

I had so much fun making it (except for the hour it took to sew the ruffled tulle on) that I had Minnie cut another piece of material for my next skirt.

I finally got all my Easter decoration taken down and put away and some Mother's Day decor up.
These soft pink chiffon gloves belonged to my grandmother. I just love them and display them every Mother's Day. They are in perfect condition and look so cute laying next to Frank's grandmother's sterling silver mesh purse.
I'm not really sure what she could manage to fit into this little tiny purse. Maybe her calling card and smelling salts....cause there wouldn't be room for much more. This little purse is a perfect example of how simple purse life was back then. No space needed for a cellphone, sunglasses, checkbook, credit cards, planner, etc.
This morning I finally took myself to the CVS Minute Clinic for a sinus infection and ear infections. I caught a lousy cold 2 weeks ago and couldn't shake the sinuitis. Sure enough, I had it. I was in and out of there in 15 minutes with a prescription called into my pharmacy. Then I ran to Tempe to Jerry's Art Arama to pick up some watercolor supplies. Meanwhile, Jami and the girls stopped by the house. Hanna found some leftover fabric and decided to create a scarf. Didn't she do a great job. So original!
I couldn't close this post without squeezing some pictures of Sofia and Hanna in. Our little baby granddaughter is growing so fast. She is such a good baby. All you have to do is look at her and she smiles.
My two Sweetie Pies.
So this has been a Happy Day! Tomorrow is church and then I am going with a new friend to try a class in fused glass. Can hardly wait! Have a wonderful weekend.


Chelsea Ling said...

I love that blue fabric, gorgeous

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Shear beauty those little cuties ! But darling never you mind about that tiny waist of yours and sewing things to fit it!!!