Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Back!

You know how you wake up one morning and realize that a week just went by and you can't remember where those 7 days went? Well, that's kind of what has happened to me lately. Seem like I have been on one of those hamster wheels and I just keep running and running and going no where!! Today I stepped off and refocused. Actually, I have been productive all those days. I finished up eight of these flower pots for the upcoming church tea the beginning of May. I was having so much fun creating them that I just kept adding to them.
I'm using the large lavender bird in the centerpiece. Isn't it pretty.
Then I was going through some new pictures that I had taken of my granddaughters and came across this sweet one of Sofia. I just couldn't resist making a canvas art of her.
This morning I headed back to Art Group after missing about a month. I haven't painted in two months so this was like starting all over. Our group is such fun and everyone is so supportive that I think you could paint blind folded and still get applause for your finished piece! Here is our fearless leader, Erica painting a friends dog on Upo paper. (I'm sure I probably spelled that paper wrong). I just love it. Erica is giving it to her friend as a surprise. How lucky she is.
Sandy is the one who taught us all how to paint on this Upo paper. Her creations are all amazing.
My friend, Teri, is painting her cat. I think her picture is wonderful. She is painting it off of a snapshot of her cat curled up in a blanket.
And then there is mine......Hmmmm..... I did this free hand after two months of no painting, so cut me a little slack when viewing it. My poor little bird had to keep getting fatter and fatter in order for me to try to correct a wing that I had accidentally made into a tail (don't ask me how). Anyway, I decided to get crazy with it and started splattering paint on it to try to add some humor to the picture. I added humor all right.....now it just looks silly. Oh well, I have to remember it was only practice!
This past 5 days we have been hanging out with Jami's family since her father-in-law has been in town. We have had BBQ's, been swimming in the pool, the guys have been golfing, I did some babysitting, helped Jami with some chores around her house and played with the kids. Here's some pictures of Frank and Hanna in the pool.

Jami put Sofia in the pool for the first time and she loved it. Here she is with Hanna.
She spent most of the time with me holding the back of her head and just floating around on her back sucking her fingers.
Tonight we are going to Hanna's music recital. Should be a hoot. Tomorrow get to go with some girl friends for my first experience eating Thai food. We are going to some really good Thai buffet so I can try several different dishes. Then we are going to a big grocery store that carries food from many different countries. Should be interesting. I take my mom to the airport in the morning to head back to Washington state for the summer. She will get to see her 6th great-grandchild born in June.
OK, I feel better now that I have got caught back up on my blog. Time to go do the laundry. Have a great day!

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Nancy Your bird is really sweet!!! Do More and keep us posted!!!!Please!!!