Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Emergency

My goodness it has taken me way too long to post. I apologize. We had an unexpected family emergency crop up and I had 24 hours to pack and get a flight to WA.
As I had posted earlier, our younger daughter, Bre, was having an eye problem a few weeks ago. She went to her Dr. and after many tests and many Dr. appointments she was diagnosed with Optical Neuritis. She then had a second MRI as her Neuro-Ophthalmologist was concerned that she may have Multiple Sclerosis. On Sunday, August 23th the Air Force sent Bre's husband to Texas for a 5-week class. Since her appointment for the MRI results was scheduled for that Tues. the 25th, I didn't want her to be at the appointment by herself in case the news was bad, so I caught an early morning flight for Seattle on Monday morning. Frank would follow on the 29th as originally planned.
Bre's MRI did not show any plaque, which means that it was not a definite MS diagnosis. However, her Dr. is treating her for MS since she meets about 75 percent of the criteria. She went through 3 days of heavy IV steroids. The specialist is very proactive (which we like) and since MS can take a long time to diagnosis on an MRI, she is going a head and treating Bre as if she has it. This way she will reap the benefits of the medication early if she is in fact in the early stages of MS. Meanwhile, Bre is also being treated for some other medical issues that she has ignored for too long. We are hoping to get her feeling better while we are here to help with the boys. Optical Neuritis can take up to a year to heal. That's a real bummer as it is not only painful, but is is extremely difficult to see out of her eye and it brings on migraines. So she may be looking at a long recovery time. As you can imagine, she is anxious for her husband to return the end of this month. We will be here for her next big appt. (blood workup results) on Wed. We are praying that Bre will heal quickly and that this will be the end of her medical issues.
These past two weeks have been so much fun hanging out with Bre and the boys. Caden turned 4 yrs. old today and Cole will start First Grade on Tuesday.

I did manage to finish several soldered pieces before I left. Most of these pieces will be part of my Christmas inventory. But I did want to make a few Halloween pieces just for fun. I LoVE HAlLoWeEn!!!! It is so much fun to decorate. I am always on the lookout for some ghoulish item to add to my collection of scary decorations.
The large bird piece and the matching small square below it are going to be connected into a single large necklace. Some of these pieces still need to have some more dangles added to them.Between all the loads of laundry, house cleaning, cooking, painting a bedroom, shopping, playing with grandkids and visiting with old friends and family, I did manage to squeeze in some time to create. I will show you what I made in my next post.
Thanks for hanging in there with me and stopping back to check out my blog. We are scheduled to fly home this coming Thursday morning, so my posts should be more regular.
Enjoy your long weekend and stay safe.

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi Nancy, I spent the day with Deb, Beth's mom and we talked about you and your daughter. Our hearts are so with you . My father had MS ( he was diagnosed at 22) and lived a wonderful full of love life . MS has made great strides since his passing diagnoses 50 years ago . I hope this brings words on encouragement in this very stressful time. hugs Julie