Friday, September 25, 2009

Under the Weather

No pics today.....I am fighting off a cold and not feeling well. Had a long To-Do list and was able to cross off several items on it before I just plain bit the dust. My sweet Hubby got home from a 3-day golfing trip with his buddies this evening.....just in time to take me for a bowl of soup and half a sandwich.
Now it's off to bed with a Tylenol. Hurray, tomorrow is sleep-in day!! Have a great evening!
P.S. Our son-in-law, Kyle, returns home to his family after 5 weeks in Texas for the Air Force. We know there is a lot of excitement in the Speck house tonight!!
XOXO Nancy


vivian said...

Hi nancy, hope youre feeling better! I read back a few posts to get caught up and saw that you made the little pumkin men! they turned out sooo cute! I love the embellishments you added. You can make those little spiders too, if your floral store is out of them. use black pompoms, pipecleaners and tiny wiggle eyes!
I hope you have a sweet and creative weekend!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!!