Sunday, September 27, 2009

Runny Nose and Necklaces

Woke up with a cold.
First, I was going to lay around in my jammies and sip a Mocha all day.....then I got dressed.
Second, I was going to lay around in my clothes and sip a Mocha all day.....then I opened a Diet Coke.
Third, I was going lay around in my clothes, sip a Mocha and drink a Diet Coke all day.....and then I went into my studio.
And this is what happened:

I still need to finish soldering the main center pieces and also attach the remaining chain to each end.

So between sneezes, nose blowing and general lousy feeling, I was able to get a lot done. I'm down to the last month before the boutique so I think I am starting to feel the pressure. Should finish these necklaces in the next couple days and then I just have my canvas art left to do. Almost done!!!!
My Hubby returned from his 3 day golfing trip and it is nice to have him back in the nest. He took me out for dinner last night and will BBQ steak this evening. I think I'll keep him!
Our daughter Jami and granddaughter Sofia flew up to WA to visit Bre and her family Friday evening. They are all having a great time and I am jealous. I want to be there. We have to wait until Christmas for all of us to be together again.
Now I am going to grab my new Living Magazine and cozy up on the couch. Hope everyone has a relaxing day.
XOXO Nancy


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

you are amazing! With a cold and all you make the most beautiful things! I'm insanely jealous of your crafting I've said before. :)

get well soon, nancy! xoxo

Jami Lindberg said...

You know I'm coming shopping before you take all that cute stuff to the boutique!

Diane said...

Nancy thank you for visiting my Blog sure looks like you have been busy, I hope you feel better. I know how hard it must be to miss out on the kids visit. My daughter & granddaughter are in Utah and I miss them daily ): Hugs, Diane