Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leaves are turning gold and orange....

FALL is in the air in Washington.
The leaves are turning..............
and we Arizonians are loving IT

the Fall decoration bug hit me and I sat down the other night and created these little Pumpkin Men. I got the idea from Viv's blog. I got a little carried away buying styrofoam pumpkins though. I could not decide which size would be best....so I bought them all!

TA - DA !!!
I happened upon these cute little furry spiders at a darling floral shop in downtown Sumner, WA. They were perfect for my Pumpkin Men. Unfortunately, they only had 3 left.

Frank and I drove up to see my mom and some other dear friends on Whidbey Island last week. There is a new paper store and my sweet friend, Vicki, just happens to have a corner in it where she and a friend display and sell some of their staging decor. I fell in love with the store. (I apologize, cause for the life of me I can not remember it's name....so sorry).

My mom couldn't resist, she HAD to make a purchase! I bet it was cards. She loves cards and buys one or two almost everytime she goes shopping. Honestly, she could open a card shop with all that she has at home!!Here is part of Vicki's corner. Isn't it darling? She is so creative and talented.
Of course, I wanted everything in there!

A couple nights ago we were invited to our close friends, Jon & Ludy Kellett's beautiful home in Tacoma, WA for dinner. She very bravely invited ALL OF US, plus her two daughters, son-in-law and two little grand babies. A houseful!!! And it was wild and crazy AND SO MUCH FUN!!! Our daughter grew up with their daughter, Tiffany and their husbands actually are in the Air Force, good friends, and work in the same office together. How cool is that!! So Bre and the boys really enjoyed the night out with old friends.
their little dog, Lilly
was the hit of the evening doing her tricks!

She actually knows how to ring this little bell.
When she sees someone holding one of her treats, she
starts slapping the bell with her paw.
So this week I have been working on redecorating Caden's room. Part of his 4th birthday present. I painted the whole room a taupe.
Then we found these darling car and truck Wallees. So I stuck them on around the room.
A picture will go in the middle of these.
We moved out a big toy box from Cole's room into Cade's and replaced it with a short table and chair for him to use as a desk......now that he is in the FIRST GRADE!!
Helped Bre get some fall decorations going around her house. I didn't make this scarecrow, but it is handmade. I think he is so cute. A lot of time and detail went into creating him.

Here is our oldest grandchild, Coleman, just before we left the house to walk to school for

His new desk along with his new school supplies.

His teacher, Mrs. Nykieam
(this morning his Auntie Jami called to wish him a happy first day and askedwhat his teacher's name was. Cole was having a hard
time remembering and then said,
"I think it's Mrs. Nightgown"!!

Mom with her boys (trying to hold back the tears)
We are excited to all walk back down the street to pick up Cole from school in a couple hours. Sure hope he had a good day.....cause there are a lot more to come!!
Tomorrow we head back to the Dr.'s for more of Bre's test result. Then I will fly back home to AZ and Frank will stay here with Bre and the boys for a few more days to help out.
It's been a full and rewarding 3 weeks. Not to mention the wonderful cool weather!
Got run and try to squeeze in a little nap. Until next post,
XOXO Nancy

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