Monday, September 21, 2009

Seeing Purple

Happy Monday to you!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are refreshed for a new week.

We had an exciting Saturday:
at our good friends, Brent and Sue Smith's house
in front of the television
dressed in purple and gold
a big bowl of popcorn in front of us
watching our University of Washington Huskies beat USC.
It was a GRAND DAY!!!!
My Hubby is still dressed in purple & gold.

I know I should be unpacking my ghoulish Halloween decorations about now, but I am still in Christmas mode. Since RED is my favorite color I decided to do a few more Christmas birds in it.

Today we had a consultation with a solar panel company and we have decided to go SOLAR.
Not only will we be saving 40% off our electric bill each month, but we will be contributing to the "going green" movement. I don't think changing out one lightbulb in our house to the energy smart kind was making much of an impact on our bill.

Full schedules has given us the opportunity to spend some extra babysitting time with our little Sofia this past week. She is now sporting four front teeth, a lot of drool down her chin and the beginnings of a bad cold. But she continues to be happy and smiley all the time.
Here she is practicing her piano lesson.

She is still working on her crawling abilities and is managing to get around the room. She does and awesome "downward dog" and "plank" position. But what she really loves is to sit up in the chair and EAT! For such a tiny little thing (13 lbs. at 8 months old) she can sure put away a lot of food!!

I must now scurry around and get my art supplies together for tomorrow's Art Group. I am going to venture into painting with acrylics on canvas. If it is recognizable I will post it for you to see. Nightie Night,
XOXO Nancy

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