Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BRRrrrrrr....Baby It's Cold Outside!

Yep, it does get cold in Arizona! We woke up to cold, rainy, windy weather this morning. It made going to exercise at 5:30 am "not fun". Luckily, the sun came out later in the day. Unlike our daughter Bre in WA who woke up to several inches of snow and still snowing! We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can make it to the airport tomorrow morning to get down here.

I have inserted pictures of some of the Christmas decorating I did at my mom's house. This is a little display that I did on her dinning room table. I love these darling little houses and all the glitter. It's fun to decorate in all the pretty white and pastels.

Here are some close-ups of the little houses.

These white feather topiaries are so pretty. Behind them is a little peek of her silver sequin Christmas tree.

Later this morning Frank, my mom and I joined Jami and Mike at Hanna's preschool Christmas program. The kids sang about 6 songs all with hand motions and some with jingle bells ringing and also recited two Bible verses.

We were amazed at how well they did. Hanna knew the words and motions to every song and wasn't shy about singing out. We were so proud of the great job she did.

After they were done the teachers had set up tables for them to frost an upside down ice cream cone and then decorate it with M & M's to look like a Christmas tree. Hanna barely finished decorating hers and it was in her mouth. She has a terrible sweet tooth like her Gigi. I managed to lick the remainder of the green frosting out of the bowl!! Yummmmm!!
We have less then 24 hours before our family arrives and we are really excited. I need to run to the grocery store in the morning to stock up and hopefully have time to bake another batch of cookies. Bre had to go to the Dr. yesterday and found out she has broncitis. So she is on an antibiotic. Now Cole is sick but due to all the snow they were not able to get him into the Dr. So we will take him to Urgent Care down here when they arrive. We need to get them feeling better before Sunday when we take off for the Polar Express. At some point I really need to think about getting some Christmas cards and sending them....I think they are going to be late this year. I do have my Christmas letter written though.
Well, I'm off to get ready for bed. Not sure when the next post will be since we will have a house full here. What fun!!!!!

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Keep us updated on if the Specks got there safe and sound! I've been thinking about them all day watching this crazy snow!!!