Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Organized

No pictures to post today since I have spent the past two days getting my studio cleaned up and organized. My grandsons will be here on the 18th so thought I better start putting all my little colorful treasures away before little hands get a hold of them. It's hard to have to put everything away since I still feel like I really want to create, but I will be taking three digital scrapbooking classes over these next 9 days and probably will be busy with homework. I wrestled around with those Christmas netting lights this afternoon trying to get them centered on my outside bushes. I can't figure out why they make them 6' x 4' when most bushes are round. It looks so stupid to have two sides completely covered and two sides not. Must have been men that designed them! After I got them all done I couldn't get my extension cord plugged into the light string that is around my front door.....again, must have been a man designing all those different sized prongs on the end of lights. It makes way too much sense that all plugs prongs should be the same size. Looks like another trip to Home Depot to try to find an adapter that will work.
Frank is still coughing and sniffing.....his cold has gone on for over a week. Luckily I am cold-free. Poor Jami has a sinus infection and little Hanna has strep throat and both ears are infected. Thank goodness for antibiotics.
Had a very enjoyable afternoon at the play in Scottsdale yesterday. It was hysterical and three of our group of 15 were called on by "Sister" to participate on stage. One was a Wiseman, one was the Ox and the other was the Ass. Their impromptu costumes were made from thrift store finds such as a lampshade for a Wiseman's hat, a section of drapery for a cape, a bath mat for fur and a toilet seat cover for a fur head piece. They had rubber noses and ears for the Ox and Ass. The title of the play is, "Late Night Catechism Christmas Story, Who Stole the Gold". It is a one woman show and well worth the money if you ever have a chance to see it.
Time to take my shower. I am excited to be heading to Mesa in the morning for my digital class. Afterwards I will still have time to peek into a few of their neat shops.

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