Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas... the Hunter house! I put the last few touches on the inside decorations today. Decorating the tree is always my favorite part. I just love the Christmas season....all the glitter, music, red, glitter, decorations, cards, glitter, glitter, glitter. I guess you could call me the glitter queen. If it doesn't sparkle it probably won't be found in my house.

Even my sweet angel sparkles. Her wings glitter with iridescent lighting so it looks like they are moving...very cool!! LOL

This big "ole" snowman makes his presence known in my entry. He's a jolly soul and carries a cone full of red and silver glittery goodies.

Doesn't he just make you want to smile!

This Santa spreads his cheer on my living room end table. His legs and arms are terribly skinny, but his tummy is round and jolly. Ho Ho Ho

As usual, I have the big display on my dining room table. I chose all silver, white and red this year. Gee, do you think it's glittery enough???? This table just makes me run to the radio and turn on Christmas music. It's such a happy sound that I have to turn on our outside speakers too so that all my neighbors can get in the spirit along with me!! I've even heard a couple of them whistling along to the songs.
I decided to put glass balls and other glittery objects in the jars this year instead of candy. Only because I am a candyaholic and can't keep my hands out of the jars!! Not to mention my grandkids hands.
I have had my Thanksgiving turkey carcass simmering on my stove top all day today. I had hoped to get some turkey noodle soup made, but didn't quite get it finished. So looks like we will be eating out tonight and have soup tomorrow. It sure smells good here. Tonight I will make the final five ribbon flowers for the nursery baskets at Jami's and will go over tomorrow to place them and get some pictures.
I'm off to meet up with Frank and two other couples for pizza. Have a great evening!

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