Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We are celebrating this eventful day in honor of our grandson, Coleman's 6th birthday!! Where have the past 6 years gone? Our first grandchild has gone from this sweet, tiny little newborn....

to this darling little toddler....

to this incredibly kind, soft-hearted, handsome 6 year old!!

We are so proud of all of his accomplishments:
learning new things at school
his incredible memory
all the great songs he sings
his kindness to others
his great dance moves
his sensitive heart
all the pictures he colors
how high he can jump
how fast he rides his bike
our phone conversations with him
what a great helper he is
how high he can count
how he shares
learning to pump on a swing
how fast he can run
his knock-knock jokes
how he's learning to read
making his bed
how loving he is
and so much more
Gigi and Papa love you Cole and send you tons of hugs and kisses on your special day!
See you on December 18th.

This morning I made my morning mocha, loaded up my computer and drove off for my digital class in Mesa at my favorite creative place, Blissful Living Studio. Tangie spent the next couple hours teaching us about the basics and will continue with the next level when we return on Thursday. I learned so much new information and am increasingly amazed at all the talent that is out there. It is overwhelming! The best part about today is that I had forgotten that I had signed up in November to take Tangie's blogging class right after the scrapbooking class. So I got a double dose of info today. I will try to incorporate some of the new things I learned about blogging in this blog. Wow, there is a ton of new techie info out there. I don't know how any can keep up with all of it. Good thing Frank went golfing at a course that is 40 minutes away today. I didn't have to worry about being gone all day. Tonight I plan on practicing some of what I learned today.
I need to get some dinner started. Tomorrow is my Scrapbooking Club's Christmas Brunch and I need to get a breakfast potatoe dish put together for it. So need to head to the kitchen. Tomorrow night is pasta night at Seville....YIPPEE!!!


Bre said...

Thank you Gigi and Papa, I love you. Love your favorite,

Bre said...

Mom that is so sweet! You had the best pictures..I dont have any of the baby ones on my computer so thank you for getting them on your blogspot! love your favorite daughter, Bre ;)