Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finished The Nursery!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!! Today I glued on the last of the ribbon roses in my granddaughters nursery. What a relief! And just in time for Jami's Christmas Bunco party tomorrow night. The rose garland I made actually attached to the valance easily, so I was happy about that. The nursery is looking good. Still has a couple wall spaces that need to be filled and we will be on the look out for just the right thing.

The valance is made from about 15 yards of shiny lavender tulle. I had to keep running back to Joann's to buy more. The third and final trip I ended up buying all that they had left.

Here's picture of the 5 roses I glued on today. They really jazz up the white baskets and bring more color into the room.

These next few pictures are of the rest of the room. I still want to find a cute lamp base and then decorate a lampshade for it to put on the dresser. But I am putting that on hold for a while so I can finish my Christmas tasks.

I was able to go over to my mom's this afternoon and get all her Christmas decoration up. So she is all set now. I ran home to finish making my homemade turkey soup for Frank's dinner along with some cornbread muffins. He came home from golf feeling crummy. Sore throat and achey....so I think he is coming down with a cold. Yuck! I got some more outside lights put up and just have a couple more strings to put up this week and then I'm calling it quits on the decorations! Tomorrow I get to go to scrapbooking club and work on my digi scrapping. Then from 3 to 5pm Xyron is coming to our club meeting and we get to play with all their new products and go home with freebies. I can hardly wait. I also need to get back into my studio and work on some more pictures and jewelry. My poor hands are so dry and cracked from this past weeks worth of working that they sting. So tonight I will soak them and slather them with cream in hopes that by tomorrow morning they will not be so unsightly as they are tonight!! Nor so sore.
Last night we joined some friends up at the club for a drink and then we were invited over to one of the couples house for pizza. It was such a beautiful night that we sat out on their patio and ate. They had all their Christmas lights up in their backyard so it was so pretty. And did you notice the two huge stars next to the moon last night? They are actually Jupiter and Venus and they will not be aligned and this visible again until 11/18/2052. They were so bright we thought they were airplanes at first. Hope you got to see them. Speaking of stars.......they are all shining brightly right now, which means it's time for me to hit the hay. Byeeeeeeee

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me with all your little crafts! I'm insanely jealous that Jami's nursery is about finished...guess how much we have done on our little guy's? Absolutely nothing! Yikes! You can be sure I'm putting Kory to work on some painting and then I am going to shop till I drop (or pop!!!) to get it done on time!!! Happy Holidays!